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The Family Biz Show

Mar 1, 2024

Episode 99. Letting Go to Grow Your Family Business

In this episode, co-owner of CosmosCorp Derrik Kassebaum shares his unique story of entering the family business, the history of it and how “letting go” was what ultimately revolutionized his 
business and his life. He also highlights the significance of having a clear core purpose and 
values in guiding the business, the importance of communication and humility and about the 
learning and growth opportunities in family business, emphasizing the impact of books like 
'Good to Great' and 'How the Mighty Fall’ and the development of his book “He Will 
Make a Way”. Don’t miss this inspiring episode to get an idea of how your company can make 
positive change every single day – starting with you! Please consider sharing this episode with 
other family business owners.



Derrik has been married to Laura for 28 years & have two daughters. Derrik is Co-Owner of 
three different companies including Cosmos Corporation, which is a family owned 
manufacturing company that makes Health and Wellness products in the pet industry. Since 
1980 the Kassebaum family have worked to create a trusted pet brand throughout the USA and 
73 other countries. Derrik has traveled the world building multiple brands and overseeing the 
sales of the company since 1989. 

Derrik is also a published author of the book “Live And Let Go - Releasing your hold to pursue 
Gods purpose”. In this book, Derrik tells the stories of the things that he learned he needed to 
let go of to step into his full purpose of the life God had for him to live.

The family’s nonprofit organization, GOLI (Gifts Of Love International) that was started by 
Derrik’s parents, Don and Barbara Kassebaum. This family run organization oversees many 
different works in Guatemala, Haiti and other parts of the world. In Guatemala GOLI oversees 
Nino’s Amodas (a children home for abused Children), works directly with the care for over 65 
churches, runs Gratia (an Accredited Pastoral Training Center), three years ago started CCI (a 
nine month intensive young adult development program) and ministry work to government 

In Haiti GOLI oversees a work called Celebrate Jesus of Haiti that Feeds 800 children a 
day, has a school of 325 students and a clinic that provides free medical care to children 7 and 
younger among other things to help the people of Loganave Haiti. 

Derrik currently sits on a few boards in the St. Louis area including the Barnes Jewish Children’s 
Foundation of St. Charles County. BJCF helps people through the expense of medical care and 
treatment. Derrik also works with many other ministries in the St. Louis area to help bring 
unity, resource and Kingdom Culture to these ministries. If asked what his gifting is, he will tell 
you that it is Envisioning Organizations, Connecting People and Encouraging individuals to 
stretch the gifts that God has planted in them.


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