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The Family Biz Show

Nov 26, 2020

Five Ways to Ensure Your Family Business Survives & Thrives Through Another COVID 19 Wave

What you’ll learn during this episode:

  1. What objective science and multi-sourced data are showing us right now - and what it means and why it matters to your family enterprise in the next 12-24 months. 
  2. How your own...

Nov 18, 2020

Strong Families Survive Tough Times

What you’ll learn:

  • Strong families major in the majors.  What are the majors?
  • Why family meetings are a necessity and how to conduct a meaningful meeting.
  • How to create a family entrepreneurial mindset and why most entrepreneurs fail at doing it.

This week’s guests:


Nov 12, 2020

What you’ll learn during this episode: 

  • The “unfair” advantage family businesses have over non-family owned competitors 
  • What really motivates people?
  • Why family businesses should utilize trust as a leading KPI.
  • The foundation you needed to increase your return on trust. 

This week’s guest: