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The Family Biz Show

Oct 22, 2021

Ep 44: 831(b)/Captive Insurance Plans: Love & Scrutiny 

During this episode, we’ll discuss the 831(b) plans with expert Van Carlson* of Strategic Risk Alternatives, including: 

  • Why the IRS recently sent out a “soft warning” letter to 831(b) plans and  
    what it means for Captives. 
  • Risk Management utilizing tax code 831(b). 
  • How an 831(b) can help businesses weather economic downturns. 
  • When a Captive Insurance Company is NOT right for your business. 

This Weeks Guest 


Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Risk Alternatives 

Van Carlson* is the Founder & CEO at Strategic Risk Alternatives. SRA believes small and mid-size businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy. The 831(b) Plans we administrate are meant to ensure these businesses weather the storm. 

We care deeply about the financial security of our clients and their businesses. Our talented and motivated team strives to provide creative, quality, well-designed plans to address the varying needs of the clients we serve. 

Van has twenty five years of experience within the risk management industry. Van began his career with Farmers Insurance Group as an agent; eventually growing his book to be among the largest in his home state of Idaho. Van’s primary goal is to continue the upward growth of SRA and continue to develop new products to bring to market. 

You can learn more about Strategic Risk Alternatives on their website or visit them on Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube and LinkedIn. 


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