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The Family Biz Show

Jan 29, 2024

Episode 97. 200 Years of Sweet Treats and Survival in Family Business 

In this episode, Janice Jucker of Three Brothers Bakery takes us on a fascinating journey, from the bakery's humble beginnings in Poland 200 years ago to its current status as a beloved Houston institution. She shares the inspiring story of her aunt Jenny, who saved her three brothers from the Nazis during World War II, and how these brothers later founded the bakery in Houston in 1949. We discuss the importance of understanding insurance policies and having proper coverage, as well as the need for cash reserves during a disaster. Janice shares her thoughts on the dynamics of family business succession plans, the search for retail space, and her top priorities for the next year. She highlights the importance of continuous learning and developing a strong business culture. Share this episode with those you know who might love any of these topics! 



Janice Jucker, co-owns Three Brothers Bakery with her husband, Bobby They like to say they are “memory makers who happen to be bakers®” because their family has been baking for almost 200 years, 74 in Houston, Texas Three Brothers Bakery was originally founded by Bobby’s father and 2 uncles after surviving the Holocaust

Today Three Brothers Bakery has 4 locations and are currently working toward a fifth and employ approximately 75 wonderful people. 

The Juckers call themselves the “king and queen of disasters” as they have survived 4 floods, a fire, a hurricane, pandemic and freeze and are  proud they were able to pay their employees even while closed In 2018 they were awarded the SBA Phoenix Award for Small Business Disaster Recovery and has used the accolade as a platform to advocate for disaster reforms that can help small businesses recover quickly after natural disasters. 

Janice currently is on the board of the Houston Restaurant Association, NFIB Texas Leadership Council and National Vice Chair of Goldman Sachs 10000 Small Businesses Voices. Previously she was on the Advisory Board of the Holocaust Museum Houston, Susan G. Komen Houston and Hadassah Houston

She is a breast cancer survivor and number 10 on her mother’s maternal line to have this type of cancer and encourages everyone to do their well-women checkups each year which includes mammograms and pap smears. 

Janice graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and Masters from Oklahoma State University. 


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