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The Family Biz Show

Jun 23, 2023

Ep 84. Injecting Humanity into The Employee Experience 

On this episode of The Family Biz Show, we welcome back returning guest Joey Coleman* about his new book, "Never Lose an Employee Again," which focuses on the employee experience and the eight different phases an employee goes through. Joey discusses the...

Jun 16, 2023

Ep 83. Navigating the Complexities of Family Wealth: From Family Business to Family Office 

On this episode of The Family Biz Show, Kirby Rosplock*, founder of Tamarind Partners, shares her journey growing up in a multi-generational family business and becoming a consultant. We covered topics such as the history of...

Jun 9, 2023

Ep 82. Investing in Success; The Power of Human Capital in Family Business Sustainability 

On this episode of The Family Biz Show, we talk to Dr. Jamie Weiner and discuss the challenges faced by children of successful parents, including the pressure to measure up to achievements and the importance of finding one's...