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The Family Biz Show

Dec 1, 2023



Ep 94 - From Bricks to Community Engagement in a Multi-Generational Family Business 


On this episode of The Family Biz Show, Andy Breuer from Hueber-Breuer Construction Company. Andy shares his journey of joining the family business and the company's 151-year legacy and we discuss the importance of maintaining a good reputation, the significance of company culture, and the role of managing a construction business. Andy highlights several community-oriented projects and the company's focus on sustainability, succession planning, leadership development, community involvement, and the challenges of running a construction business in New York State. 


Andy Breuer, President of Hueber-Breuer Construction Co., Inc., represents the sixth generation of Central New York’s oldest, continuously operating construction company. Andy displayed an early interest in the family business and throughout his adolescence spent his summers immersed in Hueber-Breuer projects. He graduated from Emory University in 2000 and returned to Syracuse from Atlanta in 2002. Since that time, Andy has been at the helm of many projects for Hueber-Breuer, in the capacity of Project Manager, Project Executive, and now President of the 151-year-old business. 

The origins of Hueber-Breuer date back to the Hueber family’s arrival as stone masons who immigrated from Europe and ultimately found work in Central New York with the construction and ongoing maintenance of the Erie Canal. The earliest records of Hueber Brothers performing as independent contractors date back to 1872, and the family has been consistently building and developing Central New York ever since! Today, Hueber-Breuer’s offices remain on the south side of Syracuse, within blocks of where they have been for nearly one hundred years. The roots of the family business in Syracuse run deep and remain central to the values, vision, and operations of the company. Andy leads Hueber-Breuer with an eye towards building on the legacy of his family through a culture of community, caring, and innovation.  

Some of Hueber-Breuer’s recent projects delivered under Andy’s leadership include the Nexus Center, NYS Fairgrounds EXPO Center, the SUNY Poly Hilltop Residence Hall, the Lakeview Amphitheater, and the Destiny Embassy Suites Hotel. Hueber-Breuer consistently reaffirms their commitment to build to the benefit of both client and community; presently this includes the Syracuse Community Health Center project, which will bring a state-of-the art facility providing affordable healthcare to the south side of Syracuse. Also currently under construction is the revitalization of the Moyer Carriage Lofts, which will provide 128 quality, affordable housing units to the north side of the city.  

Andy’s numerous charitable and philanthropic passions include recent terms as board president of both the Central New York Community Foundation and the Syracuse Area Landmark Theatre. When he’s not working, you can likely find him with his family enjoying live music or exploring the ski slopes, woods, or rivers of Central New York. 


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