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The Family Biz Show

Mar 8, 2022

Ep 52. How To Develop a Family Council with
Lisa & Jay Daniel of Lodge Cast Iron

Join us for one of our biggest episodes yet as Lisa & Jay Daniel* of Lodge Cast Iron (Lodge Manufacturing) talk with us about how to create a family council, catch some truly precious stories of how the Lodge family stays close and how their brand evolved from it’s humble beginnings.

You may also catch how excited Michael is, now that he learned how to season his cast iron pans. 

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Our Guests 

Lisa Daniel*

President & COO, Intechgrate Systems 

Family Council Volunteer & 5th Generation Spouse, Lodge Cast Iron  

Lisa and her husband Jay live in Sarasota, Florida where they own and operate Intechgrate Systems, an IT services company that they founded together 21 years ago.   Their 3 children have been raised surrounded by both family & business values.  Their youngest daughter is now a college freshman, so Lisa uses her newfound “empty nest time” working on Family Council projects for Lodge Cast Iron.   

Lisa joined the Lodge family in 1994 when she married 5th generation family member Jay Daniel. She is very active with the Joseph Lodge Family Council.  The Family Council has spearheaded projects that include a secure family web portal, a digital interactive family tree, family archive videos, quarterly newsletters, online family happy hours and annual family gatherings. The group is currently working on an education plan that will include topics about both the family and the business.    

Lisa was born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania as part of a very large family. She and her 8 siblings are very close and have found ways to stay connected even though they are now very geographically dispersed.  Family values have always been important to Lisa, and she is lucky enough to share those values with Jay’s family.  

Lisa is very passionate about open communication between family, celebrating the accomplishments of individual family members, bringing all generations of the family together and capturing family history.

Jay Daniel* 

Jay Daniel is the CEO of Intechgrate Systems, an IT services company that he and his wife Lisa founded together 21 years ago. In 2007 he was elected to the board of another family business, Lodge Manufacturing. The cast iron cookware company was founded in 1896 by Jay’s great, great grandfather, Joseph Lodge.  

During his time on the board, Jay has served or chaired each of its committees. He has helped guide the successful completion of several objectives in recent years, including the adoption of an updated Stock Restriction Agreement, introduction of an annual share valuation report, and the establishment of the Joseph Lodge Family Council. Perhaps most importantly, Jay co-chaired the ad-hoc committee which navigated the leadership succession between 4th generation family members and the company’s first non-family CEO and executive team.  

Throughout its 125-year history, Lodge has remained committed to its employees and the South Pittsburg, TN community where its foundries are located. The same is true of much younger Intechgrate Systems and its support of the Bradenton & Sarasota, FL community. Jay is proud of what his family and these businesses have accomplished and is enthusiastic about his family’s future. 


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