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The Family Biz Show

Sep 1, 2021

Ep 41. Recycling & Reinventing in the Family Business 

On this episode of The Family Biz Show, listen as we talk to three members of the Shine Family* of Manitoba Corp about the various ways a family business can re-invent itself over the generations to stay fresh and on top.

This Weeks Guests


Richard grew up in Amherst, NY and attended Amherst Central High School.  He attended St. Lawrance University in Canton, NY for his freshman and sophomore years.  He transferred to the University of Buffalo to pursue a business degree, graduating in 1964.  While at UB he participated in Air Force ROTC and was commissioned a 2nd Lt.  in the USAF in September of that year.  He attended pilot training and served six years flying missions all over the world including spending his final active-duty year in Vietnam.  Upon release from active duty in 1970, he found that his intention to become an airline pilot would be a very difficult path since the airlines had hired so many pilots in the prior three years.  Thus, he joined his father’s small local business recycling metals.  Manitoba Corporation only had a total of four employees at that time not including ownership.  They served an area of less than 20 miles from their facility.  He quickly realized that we were strictly a middleman and had no machinery to process metal and worse, many of the accounts the company had, were leaving Western New York in the mid 1970’s.  To survive he leaned upon his training as a pilot and purchased a small airplane with which he and his partner could use to make sales calls very efficiently but still be able to spend the majority of his time overseeing the activities of the company.  The company began to grow and expand and continues to do so today.  Over the years they added a great deal of machinery and equipment as well as personnel.  The trading area of Manitoba grew to encompass much of North America and some overseas business as well.  He continued to fly for the Air Force Reserves and retired with 26 years of service and the rank of Colonel.  Over the years, Manitoba owned and operated a number of different airplanes to support their business.  In 2009 Richard was invited to join the board of directors of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) an organization which promotes and supports the use of airplanes for business purposes.  Richard felt that the use of a business aircraft not only was responsible for Manitoba’s growth, but for the company’s very survival and he wanted to give back something to this industry through participation in this organization.  He eventually was elected chairman of NBAA and served in that capacity for two years.  Recently, he sold his company shares to his sons but remains active in the daily operation of the company. 


Brian Shine represents fourth generation nonferrous metals recycler as CEO of Manitoba Corporation, which operates two plants: Lancaster (Buffalo), New York, and St. Louis, Missouri, with a primary focus on processing high-grade copper scrap. 

Shine just completed a two-year term as Chairman of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) which is a national trade association based in Washington, DC representing 1300 member companies. 

Shine graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Bowling Green State   University and also obtained a certificate from the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership at the University of Buffalo, where he has since mentored a dozen candidates through the program. He also is a member of the Young Presidents Organization and a graduate of Leadership Buffalo.  

Brian is married to Lynne and has three sons, Sam, Jake, and Drew. 


Adam has worked in the recycling industry for over 11 years and grew up around it, as he represented the 4th generation at Manitoba Corporation. One of his main responsibilities is running day to day operations at Sunking Inc*, which focuses on Electronics Recycling. Over the past several years, Adam, along with others, have helped Sunkin expand from processing 12 million lbs annually to over 25 million lbs today. The increased throughput saw Sunking expand from a 140,000 sqft faciity to a new state-of-the-art 204,000 sqft facility with automated processing capabilities. Prior to entering the recycling industry, Adam traveled globally selling and implementing software systems to five-star hotels and resorts. Adam has a love for all things technology and often tries to incorporate it in business where and when it makes sense. In his spare time, Adam coaches his sons ice hockey team and enjoys time with his family. Adam also serves on the advisory board for Camp Good Days and Special times, an organization he cares about deeply. 

  • President of Manitoba Corporation 
  • Vice President of Sunking and Utility Recyclers International 
  • Vice Chair of ISRI Electronics Division Committee 
  • Membership Chair of the ISRI Empire Chapter 
  • Member of the REMADE Governance Board 
  • Member of the REMADE Strategic Advisory Committee 
  • Leadership Buffalo Rising Leaders Graduate 2009 
  • University of Buffalo School of Management Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Graduate 2012 


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