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The Family Biz Show

Mar 8, 2021

The Family Biz Show: Ep24 Boundaries Within the Family Business 

Learn what other family businesses are doing to Grow, Communicate, Stay Agile and Continue into the Next Generation. 

During this live, interactive recording of the podcast you will learn:

  • What boundaries are and why they are important to families in business.
  • Common myths about boundaries.
  • 10 principles for creating and maintaining successful boundaries.
  • How to effectively add boundaries when there aren’t any currently in place. 

This week’s guests: 

Melissa Mitchell-Blitch* 

Founder Eredita Consulting 

Melissa Mitchell-Blitch is a leadership development and succession consultant to family businesses, family offices, and advisors. She is the author of In The Company of Family: How to Thrive When Business Is Personal and founder of Eredita Consulting. Melissa is a former CPA and financial advisor, who left the field of finance in 2003, to focus on the psychology of business and wealth. She has a Masters in Accounting and a Masters in Psychology. Melissa is a Certified Professional Coach, a GiANT Master Coach, and a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Certified Practitioner. 

Melissa lives in beautiful Charleston, SC and serves clients across North America.  

She has spoken nationally and internationally. Melissa also serves as the Dean of Individual Development for the Purposeful Planning Institute. 

Company website: Eredita Consulting 

Book website:  

Book on Amazon 


Paul Edelman, PhD* 

Coach and consultant to executives, family businesses, family offices, and professional advisors. 38 years’ experience providing insight, support, and facilitation. Skilled in understanding individual, group, team, organizational, and family dynamics.      

Help clients systematically and objectively solve complex problems, make consequential decisions, and achieve desired outcomes. 

Working together, clients find it easier to: 

  • Develop business, organizational, and family leadership capacity 
  • Facilitate planning, problem solving, decision-making, and conflict resolution 
  • Navigate natural transitions in leadership, ownership, and wealth 
  • Create structures and processes to guide individual, business, and family growth 

Prior to coaching and consulting, served as an internal organization development consultant at AT&T, an executive search consultant, and VP of a successfully tech startup. Experienced as an angel investor, board chair, and advisory board member. 

Raised in Levittown and Garden City, NY. While growing up, worked in the family business. Lives in Boston area with his wife, Julia Edelman. They have two adult sons. 

Active alumnus of MIT, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and Harvard Kennedy School.  

Since 1982, Paul Edelman has advised enterprising executives in startups, family businesses, and large corporations. Clients turn to him when facing difficult decisions regarding business, family, and wealth. Using a powerful conceptual model he developed, and thoughtful one-on-one or group conversations, Paul works with clients to set clear goals, make sound decisions, and take effective action. 

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