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The Family Biz Show

Nov 18, 2020

Strong Families Survive Tough Times

What you’ll learn:

  • Strong families major in the majors.  What are the majors?
  • Why family meetings are a necessity and how to conduct a meaningful meeting.
  • How to create a family entrepreneurial mindset and why most entrepreneurs fail at doing it.

This week’s guests:

Tom Rogerson*

Founder, GenLeg, Co.

Tom is a recognized leader and pioneer in family governance and legacy planning. He had the privilege of meeting Jay Hughes 25 years ago who inspired him to transform his practice from “Preparing the Money for the Family” to “Preparing the Family for the Money.” Using his Six Steps to Healthy Family Governance, Tom has worked with over 250 families facilitating transparent communication, entrepreneurial motivation, philanthropic vision, legacy planning, succession development and then endowing the process for the future, all to create a life-long bond to last generationally.

A few years ago Tom teamed up with his wife, a certified relationship coach, and started GenLeg Co., Inc. Together they provide guidance and education to families and their advisors, helping them transition significant capital, both financial (tangible) and human (intangible), from one generation to the next.

Prior to starting a private practice, Tom was with Wilmington Trust, bringing his family governance and wealth management expertise as both a speaker and motivator to not only families but to Wilmington’s client facing teams, helping them integrate Family Governance into the fabric of the client relationship. Previously, Tom was Managing Director of Family Wealth Services for BNY Mellon, National Director of Estate Tax Planning with State Street Global Advisors, and Director of Financial and Estate Tax Planning with Coopers and Lybrand. He holds a bachelor’s in Economics from Ithaca College.

Tom has spoken for The World Presidents Organization, Harvard University Business School, Tiger 21, The Lincoln Center, Yale University, Dallas Theological Seminary, Vistage, Museum of Modern Art, The Nature Conservancy, New York Botanical Garden, The Dallas Foundation, The New York Community Trust, The Boston Foundation, Heckerling, numerous estate planning councils, as well as many other organizations.

Shawn Barberis*

Founder, Aspida Advisory

For over a decade, Mr. Barberis has served families and small businesses. Though he is astute, exacting and detail-obsessed, don’t let him fool you. Shawn is a visionary, thriving on enthusiasm, humor and the company of like-minded individuals dedicated to hard work and financial ingenuity.

Aspida Advisory is an independent financial advisory firm through our Registered Investment Advisory Firm, Aspida360. We work with you to determine what is in you and your family’s best interests. The retirement Income Survival Kit (R.I.S.K.) analyzes the risks we face in retirement, and provides recommendations of income solutions that address each of your personal retirement risks. A+LIFE maintains the granite pillars of financial and estate planning while integrating the unquantifiable values of legacy and one’s life’s experiences.

*Not affiliated with Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. 

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