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The Family Biz Show

May 12, 2023

Ep 80 Phoenix Rising: How Stephanie Stuckey Reclaimed Her Family Business 

We’re going absolutely nuts over our latest guest, Stephanie Stuckey, as she joins us to share her story about taking back & growing the family business after a extremely successful career in law, the values that shape Stuckey’s and how important it is for family businesses to keep those values while at the same time, needing to evolve how they are presented to stay generationally relevant. There’s so much more packed within the hour, so don’t miss it! 


Stephanie Stuckey 

Stephanie Stuckey* is CEO of Stuckey’s, known for generations as a highway oasis serving up pecan log rolls and kitschy souvenirs. Founded in 1937 by her grandfather, W.S. Stuckey, Sr. in Eastman, Georgia, Stuckey’s grew into over 350 stores nationwide by its peak in the 1970’s.  

The company was sold in 1964 and sadly declined for decades under a series of corporate owners. Fortunately, Stuckey’s returned to the family in 1985 under the leadership of W.S. Bill Stuckey, JR. and is now being continued with Bill’s daughter, Stephanie.   

The Company acquired a pecan shelling and candy plant in Wrens, GA in January of 2021 and have been scaling production of the Stuckey’s branded snacks and sweets – including the iconic pecan log roll – to be sold in almost 5,000 retail stores nationwide.  

Stephanie purchased Stuckey’s in November of 2019 and assumed the role of CEO.  

Stephanie’s achievements include being named one of the Most Admired CEOs of 2022 by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, 100 Most Influential Georgians by Georgia Trend Magazine and a graduate of Leadership Atlanta. She serves on the corporate board for Bealls, a Florida-based retailer with more than 550 stores. 

The Stuckey’s story has been featured recently in the New York Times Sunday Business Section, the TODAY Show, and The Washington Post. 

When she’s not running Stuckey’s, Stephanie enjoys traveling by car to explore the back roads of America and pulling over at every boiled peanut stand and the World’s Largest Ball of Twine. 


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