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The Family Biz Show

Feb 3, 2022

Ep 50. The Hybrid Heart; When Human Emotion Meets Tech 

Listen in as we talk to Heather Maio-Smith* about the intersection of human emotion with technology for future generations to come and how it can help share what really matters; stories that are the foundation of a family.  

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • How businesses can utilize next gen tech to support the next gen in the family 
  • The history of StoryFile; how Heather wants to provide the ability for future generations to have conversations with Holocaust survivors 
  • How Heather balances running StoryFile with her husband - and many other members of her family - as a family business 


Heather Maio-Smith* 

Heather is an award-winning interactive storytelling pioneer and technology visionary who brings over a decade of immersive storytelling leadership to StoryFile.  

In 2010, Heather developed the first 3D interactive conversation with Holocaust Survivor Rose Schindler through her creative agency Conscience Display. At the time, she was creating physical video installations at the United Nations, USC, and in Havana, Cuba, but she understood that the future of storytelling lay at the intersection of digital media and ‘natural conversation’ and decided to create it. 
Heather developed a strategic partnership with two global entities with competencies in visual media and technology - USC Shoah Foundation and the Institute for Creative Technologies.  The partnership she led has resulted in the development of a new medium - natural conversation video. 
Through Heather’s leadership, immersive interactive natural conversation video has gone from being a concept to a reality, combining hi-fidelity multi-scopic video with voice commands to deliver commercial grade natural conversation with an individual, whether it’s  a life-sized video or on your mobile device, replicating the emotional experience of having a conversation with a person. She developed and pioneered Dimensions in Testimony, a program to interview Holocaust Survivors in volumetric interactive video without that survivor actually being present. Dimensions in Testimony won both the People’s Choice Award and the Jury Prize at Sheffield Doc Fest in 2016. She produced and led the project before moving on to found and lead StoryFile. 


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