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The Family Biz Show

May 3, 2021

Join us as Dr. Michelle Clark and Dr. Moira Somers discuss the difficulties around family succession when the leader of the business can't let go. Learn why this happens, what to do if this is a problem in your business, and how not to become that person! 

During the live podcast recording, we will be focused on the following topics: 

  • The impact of family relationships during leadership transitions.
  • Are you talking about me?  How to self-identify whether or not you’re unable to let go.
  • The difference between helpful and hurtful when the leadership role is transitioning.
  • How not to be the leader that won’t let go - the importance and role of identity when it comes to succession planning.
  • How to “dementia-proof" the family business.  

This week’s guests

Dr. Moira Somers* is a Neuropsychologist, Family Business Consultant, and Executive Coach based in Manitoba, Canada. She works with business families and their advisors to create dementia-proof succession plans and psychologically healthy workplaces. Dr.  Somers has a specialty focus in the area of wealth psychology, helping affluent people harness the opportunities of great wealth while avoiding its pitfalls. Her book for financial professionals, *Advice that Sticks*, has become an international bestseller. Dr. Somers provides keynote addresses and consultation services to families and organizations around the globe. You can follow Moira on Twitter @advicesticks and on her website Money, Mind & Meaning.

Dr. Michelle Clark* 
As a business psychologist, Michelle consults with companies in situations where the business bottom-line intersects with people issues. She has more than 15 years of experience consulting with family owned businesses as well as privately and publicly held companies. She was the non-family President of an $8M family business and now owns her own business. Michelle specializes in assisting organizations to become smarter and more effective in their hiring, development and succession processes. 
Michelle received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Nebraska; serves on the Board of Directors for Earl May Garden Centers, a family-owned $40M regional retail operation; and volunteers regularly with Room at the Inn, a homeless shelter for women and children. An avid kayaker and biker, she splits her time between St. Louis and Maine. 

You don’t want to miss it! 

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