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The Family Biz Show

Dec 10, 2020

Is Your Buy Sell Agreement Any Good?

During this episode we will be focused on the following topics: 

  • Horror stories of buy sell agreements that failed the family and the business. 
  • Why using valuation formulas is a fool’s errand. 
  • 4 of the most significant issues with buy sell agreements, which ones are in yours? 
  • The critical steps you must follow before signing a buy sell agreement.  
  • Why fundamental fairness is so important in a buy sell agreement? 

This week’s guests: 

Don Parkhill, JD** 

Bluestone Wealth Partners 

After graduating from law school in 1983, Don started working and advising business owners when he worked for the “Big Eight” accounting firm, Price Waterhouse. He later joined a law firm in Columbus, Ohio that specialized in working with closely held business owners. 

Don was instrumental in helping clients protect and plan for their families, the future of their business interests and the transition of the business and the family wealth. Much of the success of the planning was a result of collaborating with clients’ other advisors, often the financial planner and CPA. This included developing and implementing transition strategies and working with the IRS to obtain private letter rulings. 

Don inherited his father’s entrepreneurial spiriand left the practice of law to acquire his own business. He purchased several insurance agencies and later merged those with a larger firm, while continuing to do comprehensive financial planning for business owners. 

He joined Lincoln Financial Advisors in 2000 and continues to help successful business owners plan for their future, their family and their legacy. With 35 years of experience and an excellent team, he helps his clients create a financial roadmap distinctive to their vision, by listening and learning what is important to them and who they care about. 

Don has been active in numerous civic, philanthropic and professional organizations over his professional career. He has attended many national conferences, including The Institute for Preparing Heirs and the Notre Dame Tax and Estate Planning Institute, all of which discuss ideas to help the successful business owner protect, grow and transition family wealth. 

Don and his wife, Sheila, live in Westerville. They have a daughter, Annie, and a son, David. When not working, you may find Don traveling with his family or driving the back roads of Ohio with Sheila. 

A 1980 graduate of The Ohio State University, Don received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. 

Don Parkhill is a registered representative of Lincoln Financial Advisors.  Bluestone Wealth Partners is not an affiliate of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp.   

*Licensed, not practicing. 

Paul Hood, Jr., JD, LL.M, CFRE, FCEP 

Paul Hood Services* 

A native of Louisiana (and a double LSU Tiger), Paul Hood obtained his undergraduate and law degrees from Louisiana State University and an LL.M. in taxation from Georgetown University Law Center before settling down to practice tax and estate planning law in the New Orleans area. Paul has taught at the University of New Orleans, Northeastern University, The University of Toledo College of Law and Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law. Paul has authored or co-authored seven books and over 500 professional articles on estate, charitable and tax planning and business valuation. A frequent contributor to Leimberg Information Services since its inception, Paul is a highly sought after speaker and consultant because of his innate ability to see through the complexity and explain difficult and even boring subjects in understandable and entertaining language and mince no words in doing so. Along the way, Paul’s been a father, husband, lawyer, trustee, director, president, partner, trust protector, director of planned giving, expert witness, agent, professor, judge, juror and a defendant, and he uses his experience in these myriad roles to guide others.

Paul is an author, speaker and consultant on tax, estate and charitable planning. He also is a Vice-President with Thompson & Associates, a charitable estate planning firm. 


*Not affiliated with Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. 


The content presented is for informational and educational purposes.  The information covered and posted are views and opinions of the guests and not necessarily those of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp.   

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