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The Family Biz Show

Jul 15, 2021

Ep 36 - Navigating Change Within the Family Enterprise 

Listen in as we talk to Nike Anani and Tsitsi Mutendi about the intricacies of navigating change within the family enterprise, specifically the unique challenges that come with building the “generational bridge”.  

During this episode, we will be focused on the following: 

  • Succession - building a generational bridge to connect the generations. 
  • Governance - shared history, shared values, shared vision. 
  • Navigating disruption and business continuity. 

This Weeks Guests: 

Nike Anani 
Co-Founder of African Family Firms 
Nike Anani is an entrepreneur and a Consultant. She was rated as a top-100 Family Business Consultant globally. She helps her clients bridge the gap between the senior and younger generations. As a result, they communicate, collaborate and collectively gain clarity, to increase profit and productivity in their family businesses. With over a decade of family business expertise in Nigeria, Nike helps owners lead their family organizations to long-term impact and legacy. Her inside experience as a second generation family business owner birthed a passion to help other families in building legacy enterprises that would outlive them. Nike is an accountant (ex-Deloitte UK) and a top-rated family business expert, with a Family Business and Wealth advisor qualification from Family Firm Institute. She is the co-founder of African Family Firms, a pan-African association of family businesses, and the host of "The Connected Generation" podcast. 

Nike’s clients choose to engage her, not only because of her extensive professional training, but also because of her practical experience as both a business founder and a NextGen. This allows her to uniquely empathies with both generations and act as a connector. 

Nike is a champion for diversity and celebrates the uniqueness in every individual, family and business. 

You can contact Nike at & follow her on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

Tsitsi Mutendi  

Tsitsi is Founder and Lead Consultant at Nhaka Legacy Planning. She is also Co-Founder at African Family Firms (A non profit Africa Family Business Association) Tsitsi Mutendi is a well-versed, award winning business woman with over 12 years experience building her own successful publishing and education businesses, during this time Tsitsi developed a passion to assist family businesses build multi-generational businesses which translate into multigenerational legacies. Tsitsi is recognised globally for her business acumen and world class delivery. Through various board appointments in numerous industries, Tsitsi has had exposure to many global business development strategies especially in Africa. Tsitsi has vast international business and family business experience. Today, Tsitsi is the founder and owner of Nhaka Legacy Planning which she formed in 2018. Her main focus is on working with Individuals, Family Businesses and Families of wealth in Family Governance and Family governance tools as well as working with Family Offices to create relevance between Family and Office. Her other expertise includes; family communication coaching, family & business strategic planning, corporate governance, succession planning, business continuity strategies, conflict resolution & mediation, coaching and mentoring. Tsitsi is a certified Family Business Advisor and Family Wealth Advisor through the global Family Business Education Network, Family Firms Institute. Her passion for family business has awarded her the opportunity to be an international speaker and author on the subject, particularly on family governance and business continuity. Tsitsi has a weekly podcast called Enterprising Families that focuses towards discussing issues that affect Families Enterprises and family businesses to manage better their journeys as families in business and issues that are of interest to them. Tsitsi also owns and runs a successful group of Montessori Primary Schools. Most importantly Tsitsi is wife and Mom to 3 cherished children (Jasmine Mufaro, Daniel Djimon and Nyasha Maia) who have given her more motivation to leave an impactful legacy. You can tune into her podcast Enterprising Families Podcast on Apple Podcasts.  



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