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The Family Biz Show

Aug 4, 2023

Ep 87. Lessons from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; How to Successfully Lead a Family Business 

In this episode of the Family Biz Show, we talk to Christi Redfearn, a member of family-owned commercial janitorial company Redlee/SCS. Christi shares her journey of joining the family business and the history of the company, the struggles she faced, such as making payroll and dealing with cash flow issues, company growth and how they expanded into new markets. She also shares her favorite family traditions and how she has taken lessons in management from practicing Jiu-Jitsu! 



Christi Redfearn is the CEO of REDLEE/SCS, INC, a commercial janitorial company owned and operated by the Redfearn family since 1982. Having been immersed in the business from a young age, Christi has dedicated 20 years of her life to the janitorial field. Her journey began in the accounting department at her family's company, and she has since progressed through diverse roles, including responsibilities in operations, marketing, and development. 

As the CEO, Christi's ultimate goal is to showcase the capabilities of her employees and demonstrate that their work makes a significant difference. She strives to lead the company in an efficient manner, always finding new ways to improve operations and save costs. 

Christi is not only a driven businesswoman but also a mom of two and an amateur road racer. She embraces a well-rounded lifestyle, balancing her passion for yoga, enthusiasm for Star Wars, and dedication to jiu-jitsu, which reflects her commitment to physical and mental well-being. 

Her perspective as a CEO is centered on the value of the work done by her team, emphasizing that they play a crucial role in society. Christi is motivated by the legacy of her family business and aims to create opportunities for her employees and their families, just as others did for her father and grandfather, co-founders of the company. 

In her own words, Christi emphasizes the importance of the "thankless work" her company does, which is essential to keep the world functioning. She recognizes the support her family received from dedicated employees in the past and aims to carry that legacy forward by providing similar opportunities to others. 

Christi Redfearn's leadership style is driven by a desire to champion the underappreciated work of her company while fostering growth and opportunities for her team members. 


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