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The Family Biz Show

Jul 7, 2023

Ep 85. Creating a Culture of Giving: The Spiritual Capital of a Family Bank

On this incredibly feel-good episode of The Family Biz Show, three-time returning guest Jay Hughes Jr. joins us to talk about his experience working with families and his passion for helping them flourish and evolve. Jay explains the idea behind the Family Bank and how it can help families manage their wealth and legacy, emphasizing the importance of growing spiritual and social capital within the family, rather than just focusing on the financial. Don’t miss another one of Jay’s episodes with us, as they’re always filled to the brim with family business wisdom that will transcend the age.




James E. “Jay” Hughes, Jr. is a sixth-generation counselor-at-law, now retired, author and co-author of multiple books and influential articles on family governance and wealth preservation. He is renowned for facilitating multigenerational family meetings, with an emphasis on governance issues. Hughes is frequently called on to address international and domestic symposia on helping families to flourish through the growth of their human, intellectual, spiritual, social and financial capital.

Through his pioneering work with families, Hughes has become the leading voice for a more enlightened, expansive approach to family office management and in turn, a mentor to countless family office executives. In 2021, the James E. Hughes, Jr. Foundation was established to honor Jay and the Hughes family lineage through educational programs and funding for advisors who are similarly called to serve families.

Find out more about Mr. Hughes on his website or through the Jay Hughes Jr Foundation.


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