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The Family Biz Show

Oct 14, 2022

 Ep 67. A System for Developing Leaders and Succession for the Family Business

Did you know there’s a “silver bullet” for scaling your business, growing revenues, succession/transition planning, and improving company culture? Shannon Byrne Susko knows so! She joins us on this episode of The Family Biz show and talks about why mastering the "people" side of an execution strategy matters more than you know and that business coaching is so much more than business wisdom – a great coach removes the blind spots you didn’t even know you had! This episode is jam-packed with actionable guidance that any CEO can pull from, especially the part about not reading her books... like a CEO. Don’t miss it! 


Shannon Byrne Susko* 

Serial Entrepreneur, Strategic Growth Architect, Keynote speaker, Corporate Board Member, Amazon Best Selling Author of “The Metronome Effect:  Journey to Predictable Profit” and “3HAG WAY” 

Shannon has more than 20 years of experience building and leading high-growth technology companies. She is co-founded, served as CEO, and led the sale of the two companies less than six years apart: Subserveo, Inc (Founded in 2008 * Sold 2011) and Paradata Systems Inc. (Founded in 1995 * Sold in 2006).   

Shannon is an expert in strategy and execution.  She is well known for her ability to lead and execute with team in implementing a repeatable Strategic Execution System – creating it in her first company and validating in her second company by the speed in which the company was built and sold. She now coaches CEOs and leadership teams from around the world who want the same success using this strategic execution framework. Shannon has worked or works with companies like: Telus Health, Intel Innovation Division, Aspen Skiing, Milos Tea, Zippy’s. 

Shannon founded a CEO+LEADERSHIP team coaching and worldwide speaking business in June 2011.  She is the co-founder of Metronome Growth Systems (Jan 2016) which is a cloud-based business platform for best practice high growth businesses, their CEOs, leaders and Business Coaches. She founded Metronome United in July 2018 with 80 international coaches in their quest to implement the 3HAG WAY and Metronome Growth System Framework to strategically impact high growth companies and their teams. 

In July 2014, Shannon wrote and released Amazon Best Selling – Entrepreneurship: “The Metronome Effect:  The Journey to Predictable Profit”.  Shannon released her second book in April 2018 – which was recognized and Amazon Best Seller – New Release: “3HAG WAY” and a 2019 - Finalist in Business: Entrepreneurship in the International Book awards. 

Shannon was recognized in March 2020 as one Canada’s Top 25 Inspirational Women Leaders, Susko was also named as one Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women in 2020 and 2018.  Shannon was recognized as one of Canada’s 150 in 2017 and was awarded Canada’s Top 40 under 40 in 2001.  She was awarded the Sarah Kirke Award for Canada’s Leading Women Entrepreneurs in 2006.  Shannon was named Deal Maker of the Year in Vancouver in 2011 and was in the Top 3 Mid- Market Deals on Wall Street that year.   

Shannon has a BComm, BSc, from Saint Mary’s University and MCSc. from the Technical University of Nova Scotia. She is married with three children 16, 17, 18 and resides in beautiful Whistler, BC. 


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