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The Family Biz Show

Jul 12, 2022

Ep 61 - How to Flourish as a Family Business 

Could there possibly be any common denominators between the family room, the board room and the war room? Founder of the Gardin Group Rachel Llanes* knows so!

Listen into this episode of the Family Biz Show to learn about advanced leadership concepts family business owners need to know to help their companies flourish. 



Rachel is the Founder and Lead Gardiner of The Gardin Group 

She helps leaders solve their people problems (e.g. disengagement, burnout, accountability, and communication issues). Rachel has her master’s in counseling and has developed and delivered training on peak performance, resilience, and leadership for a diverse array of organizations, from Fortune 50 companies to government agencies, the US military and beyond. Her vision and mission in life is to translate what science knows of human flourishing into non-psychobabble bottom line behaviors anyone can immediately start integrating into how they live, love and lead. For the past decade, she has guided, instructed and coached members of the armed forces, from commanding generals, to green berets, to postpartum soldiers. Today, most of her clients are C-suite executives committed to creating the best cultures possible for their people.   

When she isn’t pouring through literature on leadership, Rachel can be found rappelling down the cliffs of Hawaii’s mountains, or diving deep beneath its shores with her Navy SEAL husband, Cody. He tries to keep up ;) 


*not affiliated with Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. 


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