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The Family Biz Show

Apr 5, 2022

Listen into this exciting new episode with guests Yale Levey*, Ryan Ponsford* and Scott Farnsworth* as we discuss the world-saving power of family philanthropy!  

The beauty of philanthropy is that there’s no financial skill you can’t learn through it. 

We will cover how philanthropy can look very different between families & how the grandparents handle the public image of it (positive or negative) and how philanthropy can bring family members who may not generally have interest in the family business together, simply because of the type of philanthropy they’re doing.


Yale Levey* 

Co-Founder and President - Gateway for Good 

Yale’s professional background and experience originates from the wealth management space.  In that role, he stands out as someone who has ascended to a place of expertise where wealth management intersects philanthropic activities, helping his clients, fellow advisors and youth build philanthropy and giving into their activities and behaviors.  Understanding that true wealth is much more than just dollars and cents, it was this awareness that led Yale to pioneer the formation of one of the country’s first holistic wealth consulting firms.  Through his years of intentionally building philanthropy and giving into the work he does for families and business leaders, Yale has led the way in igniting conversations beyond wealth and profitability into a conversation about impact and significance.  He understands that philanthropy and giving is perhaps one of the best tools we have available to reunite a divided world.  Yale is the thought leader and innovator you want in the room when you’re looking to design something new that aligns your purpose and passion with profits and impact.

Ryan Ponsford* 

Co-Founder and Board Chair – Gateway for Good 

Ryan’s professional background and experience originates in the private banking world.  In that role, as an advisor to affluent families, over time, Ryan saw the challenges and dangers surrounding wealth preservation and wealth accumulation in families and businesses.  He saw that even the best financial planning didn’t necessarily lead to happy, functional and successful people, families or businesses.  He came to know that the place planning breaks down is often around communication, trust, purpose, mission and vision.  This realization served as the catalyst that led him to begin focusing on how he could help his clients experience success and continuity not only in terms of financial success, but life success.

Scott Farnsworth* 

Scott Farnsworth, J.D., is a nationally-recognized speaker, author, and practitioner in the fields of wills, living trusts, tax-free retirement, charitable giving, and values-based estate planning. 

Over the years, he has poured his innovation and creativity into a wide range of enterprises designed to connect families, change lives, and inspire clients to preserve and pass on their legacies.  These include Family Heritage International; the Cerus Company; SunBridge, Inc.; Legacy Planning Associates, LLC; Main Street Philanthropy; and Personal Asset Advisors. 

Most recently, Scott founded Will & Trust Express because he believes high-quality legal services should be available and affordable for middle-income individuals and families. He has developed tools and processes that simplify the creation of professional-grade living trusts, wills, living wills, and powers of attorney for Florida residents. 

In addition to his four decades of professional experience as a will and trust attorney, he was Vice President & Trust Officer at Trustmark National Bank and professor of business law at the University of Southern Mississippi.   

Scott has designed and presented hundreds of speeches, seminars, and professional workshops to a wide range of client organizations, and estate planning, financial planning, and philanthropic groups over the past 42 years.  In addition to this collection of essays, he is the author of four other books: Closing the Gap: A Revolutionary Approach to Client Services; Like a Library Burning: Sharing and Saving a Lifetime of Stories; Puzzling Questions for Middle Income Families; and Double Your Sales: An Honest and Authentic Approach to Professional Selling. 

He grew up on a small dairy farm in Fruitland, New Mexico, one of thirteen children in a “yours, mine, and ours” family. He earned his undergraduate degree magna cum laude at Brigham Young University in Portuguese and Political Science, with a minor in Philosophy.  He earned his law degree magna cum laude at Brigham Young University Law School, where he was Managing Editor of BYU Law Review and the author of two professionally published legal articles.  Following graduation, he served as Judicial Clerk for Judge Paul H. Roney of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, who was based in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

He and his wife Marcie live in Orlando, Florida.  They are the proud parents of six children and the grandparents of eight grandchildren 


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