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The Family Biz Show

Sep 17, 2021

Ep 42: How Conflict Can Become a Catalyst For Good Within The Family Enterprise 

Listen in on another Family Biz Show as we talk all things conflict! Kathy Holub* & Greg McCann* join us as we discuss how it can actually become a catalyst for good within the family enterprise. 

During this live episode, you’ll learn: 

  • The three components of a thriving family enterprise. 
  • The cost of not dealing with conflict 
  • How changing our mindset can better frame your family’s involvement with the business. 

This Weeks Guests 

Kathy Holub* 

Kathy Holub is a consultant and coach who helps families resolve conflicts over inheritance, estates, family enterprises, and other common sources of tension.  She specializes in helping families use their differences as a catalyst for solving problems and strengthening relationships.  She also coaches individuals on how to navigate conflict when family members aren’t interested in facilitation or mediation – or when wild horses couldn’t drag them in.    

Kathy’s twenty years of experience in conflict resolution are grounded in her love of teaching.  She is a Lecturer at Harvard and Columbia Law Schools, where she has taught negotiation for many years.  She is a seasoned negotiation trainer who has helped thousands of CEOs, senior executives and professionals become better negotiators.  She has conducted programs for Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, the Brunswick Group, Naspers, Cleary Gottlieb, FINRA, the Clinton Foundation, Columbia University, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Montefiore Medical Center, and the New York City Council, among others.  She has also advised business owners on specific negotiation challenges.  She is a frequent speaker on negotiation-related topics and has delivered many Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs on negotiation.   

A former journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winner, she has edited four books, including “Bargaining With the Devil: When to Negotiate, When to Fight,” by Harvard Law Professor Robert H. Mnookin (Simon & Schuster 2010). 

She holds a JD from Yale Law School and a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University.  She clerked for then-Judge Sonia Sotomayor in the Southern District of New York and practiced law for two years before moving into teaching and consulting.  She is based in New York City. 

Kathy can be reached at and through her website, 

Professional certifications: 

Family Firm Institute: dual certificate in Family Business Advising & Family Wealth Advising  

Stalder Mediation: advanced mediation 

The Center for Understanding in Conflict: mediation 

Ackerman Institute for the Family: Foundations in Family Therapy 

New York Peace Institute: mediation  


Family Firm Institute 

New York City Bar Association 

Greg McCann* 

As an author, educator, coach, consultant, and speaker, Greg McCann works with family enterprises in the areas of leadership, team building, succession, communication, conflict resolution, and with a special emphasis on helping the next generation succeed in their careers and lives. Greg has coached leaders, executives, and the rising gen for over 20 years and is certified in Leadership Agility, Challenge of Change in Resilience and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  

As a consultant McCann has helped numerous family enterprises transition to future generations. By including all involved members of the family and the business in the consulting process, he ensures that all perspectives are considered. Thus, his clients are able to identify key issues, which can then be addressed directly and honestly in the context of long-term family relationships.  

As a speaker McCann addresses national trade associations, universities and family business forums on Leadership, Character, Generational Opportunities and Family Enterprise. He also speaks about Vertical Leadership Development and Coaching and Mentoring. He speaks with the voice of experience—in an approachable and humorous, yet highly focused style.  

As a thought leader and author, McCann has published many valuable works on family enterprise. His most recent book, Who Do You Think You Are? is about aligning your character with your reputation. His previous book, When Your Parents Sign the Paychecks, deals with the challenges faced by the next generation in family business. The work received a bronze medal in the career category at the 2008 Axiom Business Book Awards. Along with James Hughes, in 2017 he co-created a Chief Learning Officer learning community. 

McCann is certified in, has presented extensively, and has written about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as well as Leadership Agility, including their special applications to coaching individuals and family enterprise.

As a coach, McCann has worked with family enterprise leaders, executives, and members of the rising gen since 1998. His approach combines greater self-awareness with creating more effective action and richer relationships. This includes working to align your character with your reputation.  

McCann, now retired after 27 years in academia, was founder and director of the Family Enterprise Center at Stetson University, where he led the effort to develop the nation’s second minor and first undergraduate major in Family Enterprise. He coached his students for over 17 years. He also was the EMBA Cohort Coach. 

McCann is a graduate of Stetson University and the University of Florida, College of Law (J.D.) and has served on the Board of Directors of the Family Firm Institute (FFI) (2005-2008).

He was awarded the institution’s 2016 Interdisciplinary Award for outstanding achievement in the advancement of interdisciplinary services to business families and the 2006 Barbara Hollander Award acknowledging him for a lifetime of achievement in family enterprise education.

He is a FFI Fellow and is certified in Family Business and Family Wealth Advising from FFI. He proudly serves on the InnerWill Board of Directors as well as the Cornell University’s Family Business Center Board of Advisors. 

McCann and Associates is a boutique firm that has worked over the last two decades with family enterprises throughout the U.S. We help cultivate the commitment to family, greater trust, values-based decision making, and longer-term thinking that are vital strengths in well run family enterprises. For more information: 


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