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The Family Biz Show

Apr 9, 2021

Listen in as members of The Why Institute work LIVE with LaVerne Sessler, a rising 3rd generation member of the Sessler Companies. 

What you will learn: 

This week’s episode is another you won’t want to miss. I have asked Why Institute founder, Dr. Gary Sanchez and coach Chris Kenney to join us to work with LaVerne Sessler, a rising 3rd generation member of the Sessler companies to find his Why, How and What. 

As The Why Institute says, "before you do anything else in your life or business, you need to know your WHY"’s the essential first step. 

The vision of The Why Institute is to provide clarity and direction for discovering your WHY.  We believe that nothing is more powerful than clarity of purpose, whether personally or professionally. We help you get clear, stand out and play big by creating products and services to help you discover, articulate and live your WHY. 

The goal of today’s podcast recording is to help LaVerne get clear, stand out, play big and get going in the family business. 

This week’s guests: 

LaVerne Sessler III 

The Sessler Companies* 

LaVerne M. Sessler III is an active member of the rising 3rd generation of Sessler Companies where he utilizes his diverse background and skillset to help contribute to the growth and success of the family business.  

Prior to joining the family business, LaVerne attended Syracuse University earning his B.S. in Civil Engineering and MBA. During his time at Syracuse, LaVerne participated in study abroad and internship programs in the Middle East, Europe, and the US in the construction and transportation industries, all of which helped him land a position with a top construction management firm in New York City upon graduation.  

LaVerne spent three years managing the construction of some of the most complex buildings in Downtown Manhattan. In 2019 LaVerne made the decision to move back to Upstate New York and proudly contribute to the family’s 63-year-old legacy of Sessler Companies.  

Outside of LaVerne’s professional career, he is an avid golfer, enjoys home improvement projects, traveling with his fiancé, and playing with their dog. 

Dr. Gary Sanchez 

Founder, The Why Institute* 

Dr. Gary Sanchez believes there is always a better way.  As a dentist, inventor, author, or speaker – he is always in search of a better way.   
Struggling to stand out in the crowded dental marketplace led him on his quest to learn about the power of WHY.  He found that many experts talk about the need to know your WHY but none helped him discover his WHY.  His obsession with WHY led to him discovering his own WHY as well as the process for helping others discover theirs.   
Applying his WHY to his dental practice took his practice from just getting by to having abundance and the development of the WHY Institute to help other businesses. 
Dr. Sanchez and his team have now worked with over 40,000 individuals, as well as 500 companies from small yoga studios to Fortune 500 Companies helping them get clear, stand out, and play bigger. 

Chris Kenney, J.D. 

President, STAR Group, LLC* 

Chris Kenny inspires purpose-driven leaders to bring their vision to life by giving them the clarity they need to make great decisions. He is a certified business coach to business and nonprofit executives. For 10 years, Chris was president of a closely-held enterprise and led that company back to profitability during a period of tremendous market volatility. As an entrepreneur, he helped launch a successful human resource management company. For over five years he served as the governing body president of a nonprofit charter school.  

Prior to his business career, Chris practiced business law at two international law firms; he remains licensed to practice law in New Mexico.  

Chris is a lifelong learner. He received his Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center and his A.B. in Economics (cum laude) from Georgetown University. His additional formal credentials include the following: 

  • Certified Business and Non-Profit Coach, Gravitas Impact® Premium Coaches (July 2018 – present) 
  • Certified Business and Non-Profit Coach, Gazelles International (October 2013 – June 2018) 
  • Certified WHY Institute™ Coach 
  • Certified Utility Search Conference™ Facilitator 
  • Certified Implications Wheel™ Facilitator 
  • Business Ethics Instructor, University of New Mexico Continuing Education 

Chris lives with his wife and children in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

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