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The Family Biz Show

May 10, 2024

Episode 103 - Pivoting from Private to Public in Family Business

Nisha Balwani* shares her journey as a second-generation CEO in her family business, 
RCI Technologies on this episode of The Family Biz Show. Nisha discusses the challenges and 
successes of the succession process, including the importance of clear communication and 
transparency, the need for patience and the value of bringing in outside expertise for exit
planning and wealth management as well as the significance of being part of a CEO peer group 
for support and guidance. The conversation covers topics such as balancing personal and 
professional life, lessons from books, leadership lessons from Brene Brown's Dare to Lead, the 
importance of work-life balance, and the CEO playbook. Make sure to share with others who 
might like this podcast! 
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