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The Family Biz Show

Dec 29, 2021

Ep 48 โ€“ Family Succession in Industrial Distribution

Listen in as we talk to Jennifer Murphy (5th generation) and her father Dan Judge (4th generation) from NetPlus Alliance, a leader in industrial distribution and a multi-generational family business in Lockport, NY about family succession, what the road into...

Dec 20, 2021

Ep 47 โ€“ When She Has The Money; Exploring the unique experiences of financially diverse couples in family enterprises

Listen in as we talk to Dr. Jamie & Evan Traeger-Muney about the variety of values and approaches when it comes to money in family enterprises and the โ€œThree Cโ€™sโ€ to live by to navigate...

Nov 16, 2021

Ep 46: The Angels & Demons of Business Transfer Agreements 

We had an absolute blast talking about business transfer agreements with lawyers Michael Robinson* and Michael Paiva* and the utter nightmares that can occur when business owners are lulled into complacency and don't prepare one. We had both lawyers discuss...

Nov 1, 2021

Ep 45: 8 Mistakes Family Businesses Make When Itโ€™s Time to Sell and Why it Matters

In this episode, we talk to the author of the โ€œOne Way Outโ€ Dan Prisciotta* and discover when selling may or may not make sense to an outside party and how to prepare your business to maximize itโ€™s value. Weโ€™ll also cover:

  • How...

Oct 22, 2021

Ep 44: 831(b)/Captive Insurance Plans: Love & Scrutiny 

During this episode, weโ€™ll discuss the 831(b) plans with expert Van Carlson* of Strategic Risk Alternatives, including: 

  • Why the IRS recently sent out a โ€œsoft warningโ€ letter to 831(b) plans and  
    what it means for Captives. 
  • Risk Management...