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The Family Biz Show

Jan 14, 2021

What you will learn: 

  •  How a family business forum can help you navigate the family business. 
  • How the family business can shape you. 
  • Why it takes a village to run a family business. 
  • What it’s like when dad sells the business and you’re still working there. 
  • Understanding, Into and through the family business

This week’s guests: 

Kimberly Miller Wilborn 

CEO, Solution Partners, Inc.* 

Kimberly Miller Wilborn is President/CEO of Solution Partners Inc., a company providing business C-Suite solutions and strategic planning.  

Kim holds a Master of Science degree in counseling from the University of Rochester and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Colgate University.  

She began her career working for a business consulting firm entity. In 1995, the addition of a brokerage business to their portfolio led her to complete NASD (now FINRA) and SEC-backed licensing as a Financial & Operations Principal. Kim’s journey has included manufacturing C-Suite roles with an injection molding business and a steel heat treating plant.  

With a proven track record of establishing and implementing business operations systems, Kim has facilitated strategic conversations at the highest level, producing successfully delivered outcomes across departments and focus areas.  

Once a regular columnist with the Democrat and Chronicle, Kim writes on a variety of business topics including leadership, strategic planning, and operational mandates. She serves on multiple boards of directors for organizations serving seniors, senior housing, women’s health and economic empowerment. She enjoys working with business leaders and boards of directors to talk through challenges and produce solutions. 


Raj Shah

President, the Convergent Telecom System, Inc. * 

Raj Shah is President of Convergent Telecom, Inc. Convergent provides telecom services to businesses, local, state, and federal agencies as well as Higher Education.   

Raj has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Western Michigan University as well as a number of industry certifications.  

Raj began his career as a voice technician at ICS Telecom, a family owned business that his father started in 1976. Raj quickly moved through several sales and operational leadership roles and ultimately was the CEO until the business was sold in 2013. Shortly thereafter, Raj formed Convergent. Key customers for Convergent include the Department of Justice, University of Virginia and the University of Missouri. Raj has held numerous non-profit board positions and is currently the co-chair of the Family Business Forum.  


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